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Prepare for a high energy roller coaster ride of Juggling, Magic, and Dangerous stunts!

Kozo Kaos will have you in fits of laughter in this highly interactive show as he performs various stunts such as the world’s most dangerous trick with a marshmallow, a tennis racquet escape stunt, razor sharp machete juggling and even a friendly game of Russian roulette with a
packet of Oreo cookies...

Audience members will get a chance to get up close with Kozo and be part of the show by helping him out with some of his magic tricks and dangerous stunts such as the deadly 'Walk of death'.

This show will definitely keep you at the edge of your seat. Even when the show is over it will leave you wanting more...

Expect the unexpected!
Kozo-Act3_Oreo-B-01 (2).jpg
- 10 to 45 minute show, Customized to suit your event
- Suitable for: Indoor Events, Stage shows, Tours, Cabaret, Variety shows, Festivals, Private functions, Corporate events, Conferences, Night Clubs, Bar Events, Band Openings, Comedy Clubs, and even your backyard.
View the Techinical Rider HERE to see if this option is suitable for your next event.
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