KOZO KAOS - Juggler, Magician, Circus Stunt Performer

"Komatsubara has us eating out of his deft hands"

- Theatreview

At the tender age of 9, Kozo Komatsubara’s parents took him to see the circus that was visiting his hometown. Ever since walking out of the big top he dreamed of running away with the circus. Soon after he was floored yet again by a performance from a professional juggler. It was then that he decided to pursue his dream, so he picked up some tennis balls and taught himself how to juggle.

Kozo spent most of his high school years practicing and street performing as well as performing at local festivals and corporate events. Soon after graduating he got his first big contract and ran away with the circus. After touring New Zealand with Circus Aotearoa Kozo got his next big contract as a resident performer at New Zealand’s premier them park Rainbows End, Where he would perform 2 shows a day on weekends and everyday during the school holidays, Including performing up to 82 shows in 41 days during the summer holidays. After his year long residency Kozo decided to get back into street performing full time and travel around the world.

Now, Kozo has fast become one of the youngest professional performers from New Zealand. Known for his versatile, high octane live shows, Kozo's diverse skills and abilities span across multiple disciplines like juggling, magic, and circus stunts with elements of danger and Rock ‘n’ Roll, keeping you on the edge of your seat. 


"The Juggling Master of Illusions"

- The Hook NZ

Past Appearances Include:


- Weber Bros Circus (NZ Tour)
- Loritz Circus (NZ Tour)

- Circus Aotearoa (NZ Tour)

- Circus Rio, (AUS Tour)

- Chaos Circus (Auckland Residency)

- Kid's Day Out Variety Show (NZ Tour)

- Speakeasy HQ Vaudeville Theatre (Melbourne, AUS)

- The Menagerie Variety Cabaret (Wellington, NZ)

- Auckland Royal Easter Show

- Rainbows End Theme Park NZ (Residency)

- International Juggler's Association Regional Competition (AUS & NZ)



- Auckland International Buskers Festival (NZ)

- Orewa Boulevard of Buskers Festival (NZ)

- Newtown Buskers Festival, Wellington (NZ)

- World Buskers United (Virtual 24 Hour Festival)

- Edinburgh Fringe Festival

- Adelaide Fringe Festival

- NZ Fringe Festival

- Hamilton Fringe Festival

- Auckland Fringe Festival

- Fringe in the Stings

- Melbourne Juggling Convention

- Adelaide Juggling Convention

- New Zealand Juggling Festival

- Auckland Circus Convention

- New Zealand International Tattoo & Art Festival

- Spin Circus Festival (AUS)

- Japan Day Festival, Auckland (NZ)

- Salisbury Secret Garden (Adelaide Fringe, AUS)

- Grey Lynn Park Festival (Auckland, NZ)

- Auckland Seafood Festival

TV & Media:

- What Now (New Zealand)

- Sunrise (New Zealand)

- Good Morning (New Zealand)

- Seven Sharp (New Zealand)

- Maori Television (New Zealand)

- BBC News

- Power Rangers Beast Morphers (USA)

- MEGWIN TV, Comedy YouTube Channel (Japan)

- Dead Favours 'High Flying' Music Video

- Alice Cooper 'Don't Give Up' Music Video


- Sony NZ Ltd

- Sony Music NZ
- Canon NZ Ltd

- Sky City

- Auckland Transport

- Fonterra

- Food Stuff NZ

- Virgin Airlines Australia

- Les Mills


- Swisse

- Fisher & Paykel

- 2 Degrees

- Huawei

- Westfield NZ

- Jetts Fitness


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